Island Brač – village Škrip – Nerežišća - mountain Vidova Gora - town Bol & Golden horn

          Once upon a time, all the Adriatic islands were called Brač. Nowadays, these islands have their names, but the residents of Split (the largest port in central Dalmatia) called them Brač 1 (island of Brač), Brač 2 (island of Hvar), Brač 3 (Šolta), Brač 4 (island of Korčula), and so on…


They were too far away for residents of the mainland to visit regularly. Because of the distance, island residents rarely came ashore, only once or twice a year for buying provisions or extended travel through the land. The islands and its people have many benefits, including untouched nature, small gardens, vineyards, and olive groves… Catching fish for trading and sailing the high seas for months at a time. Links between the islands and mainland were poor and ships (galleys) took too many hours. Today, that has all changed with fast and modern vessels which established an invigorating pace of life among the inhabitants of the island and the mainland. The island of Brač during summer is paradise. Sirena travel agency will show you part of its cultural and historical heritage. Departure in the early morning hours by car ferry to Brač’s main city, Supetar. Our first stop is the 3000 year old village of Škrip, the oldest settlement on the island, where we can see the remains of ancient Illyrian walls. The entire village of Škrip is a living museum. We continue onward, to the center of the island where we’ll rediscover the beautiful settlement of Nerežišća. It was the former capital of the island; today it is Supetar. The amazing chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul’s is fascinating all visitors. Next we continue to Vidova Gora, the highest peak of the island with an unforgettable stunning view over the islands. It is also the highest peak of all Adriatic islands. If the weather is clear you can see Italy. Later we arrive to Bol, the most visited tourist destination on the island. It’s best known for Zlatni rat – the Golden horn shaped cape whose peak shifts at low and high tides. Lunch is at one of local restaurant. In free time you will enjoy the crystal clear sea, sipping a glass of wine and savoring the local delicacies. We will return in the early evening via the Supetar ferry to Split.

PRICE PER PERSON : 2500kn (342€)

*Our minimum requirement for this walking tour group is 2 pax.


DURATION : 11,5 hours



• 07:30 trip starts at the Sirena Travel Agency (Manuška poljana 18) in a comfortable vehicle and a ferry to Island Brač (city Supetar)
• 08:30 arrival to city Supetar & continuation of the tour to the village Škrip

• 09:00 arrival & sightseeing of Škrip village – the oldest settlement on the island
• 10:30 we continue driving in our Sirena van to Nerežišća – former capital of the island

• 11:00 arrival to the city Nerežišća – sightseeing of the Old town & the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

11:45 continuation to mountain Vidova Gora, – then we head for Bol – famous for its tourist attraction (the Golden Horn beach)

• 14:30 arrival to Bol – free time for lunch & swimming

• 17:30 departure for Supetar

• 18:00 arrival to city Supetar & departure by ferry to Split

• 19:00 arrival to Split

• experienced licensed guide guaranteed in English language
• ferry tickets to Brač island

• visit to Vidova Gora

• lunch at restaurant
• entrance tickets: Škrip museum and Dominican Monastery in Bol
• insurance & VAT 25%

“Not later then ONE(1) day before the tour (find us on the map bellow).”

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