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Sirena turistička agencija d.o.o. from Split guarantees the execution of the program according to the description of the package in the program which is organized by it, and which has been received by the customers (tourists), except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, unrest, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disturbances, natural disasters, government interventions, insufficient number of travelers, etc..). REGISTRATIONS AND PAYMENTS Registrations and payments are received in Sirena turistička agencija d.o.o., Split, at least 1 day before the very excursion or, in rare cases, on the day immediately preceding the excursion, if there are vacancies. CONTENTS AND PRICE OF PACKAGE The content of the package consists of, i.e. the price of the package includes all that the excursion organizer stated in the travel program. Special services are agreed upon separately and they are not included in the prices. CHANGES OF PROGRAM The excursion organizer is entitled to change the program in case of an onset of extraordinary circumstances that cannot be anticipated, avoided or eliminated. The travel program can be replaced only with similar values, at the expense of the organizer. INSURANCE FOR EXCURSIONS All the passengers that travel according to the arrangement by Sirena turistička agencija d.o.o. are covered by the insurance policy concluded with Alianz d.d. An additional insurance is to be paid additionally and is not included in the package price, and it is to be paid directly to the insurance company. TRAVELER IS GIVING UP THE EXCURSION A traveler may cancel the travel one day before travelling and, in that case, he gets the refund of the paid amount. The cancellation of the travel on the very day of travelling is exclusively at the expense of the traveller – the paid amount is not refunded. LUGGAGE The luggage is transported at the risk of the traveler. The cost of a loss or theft of personal documents and items during travelling is to be covered by the traveler. The travel companion or the tourist guide – a representative of the organizer will give assistance, however, providing that the program goes on without a disturbance. SOLVING OF COMPLAINTS A traveler makes a complaint about an inadequate service at the very spot, immediately, to the representative of the organizer, the travel companion or the tourist guide, or within the point of sale according to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (“The Official Gazette” no. 41/14). If an excursionist makes a complaint in the mentioned way, but consumes the service, he waives the right to a damage compensation. In case of a written complaint, for which the deadline is 8 (eight) days, the excursion organizer will give a response within the legally anticipated term.